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Model of waste plastic granulating machine auspicious situation

Plastic machinery, energy science and technology limited company is specialized in the design, manufacturing, sales, repair services as one of the plastic auxiliary equipment manufacturers. Years of continuous innovation and improvement, combined with the advantages of all kinds of rubber and plastic machine, according to the requirements of customers design models, the overwhelming majority of customer recognition and praise, strong technical force and complete the processing equipment, mature and rich manufacturing experience, combined with modern enterprise management mode, convenient and quick service to customer service, our products are sold throughout the all over the country, exported to many countries and regions, in the industry to become the most professional supplier, really let the WELLD brand in the industry the popularity of China, to the world!

Waste plastic recycling machine, experienced primitive processing, traditional machinery, new equipment several typical stage

The original of the recovery and utilization of waste plastics is the use of fire pot boil for melting contraction simple means, in order to reduce the waste plastic in the unit volume, made into a rough block regeneration preform. Since there is no classification, filter cleaning, greatly reduces the use of value. Made of recycled materials can only do some simple, cheap renewable products such as: Cement ash bucket, pail, box bottom plate. To a certain extent, wasting a lot of renewable resources.

The traditional waste plastics recycling machine has simple plasticating extrusion processing functions, but such a device for non-standard machinery, materials, screw design and simple structure, length to diameter ratio is small, no dehydration, exhaust functions; traditional regenerating machine can process wet material; using coal or gas heating, produced a lot of pollution two; can achieve precise automatic temperature control; a traditional regenerating machine can only adapt to the processing of a single material, cannot play the function of one machine with multifunction. And produce granular texture into color, making the waste plastic recycling value are not fully reflect.

Plastic machinery, rubber machinery according to market demand, developed a new type of waste plastic granulating machine, with automatic, fine, high-quality, high yield, energy saving, environmental protection and the use of a machine, wet and dry materials can be processed characteristics; at the same time to meet equipment in high temperature, high pressure under continuous high job demands. Model of waste plastic granulating machine caused by particles, can maximize its use value: such as waste woven bags of cement manufacturing renewable particles can make direct use of wire winding, and then the supply of circular loom to weave into a bag; waste agricultural plastic film, convenient bags create renewable particles can be used as a blown film blown into a folding roll film, for bag making machine into a convenient bag; and waste plastic tubs, household appliances shell recycling can be directly after the supply of injection molding machine and plastic products ... ... Thus, waste plastics recycling particles in the plastic products manufacturers to provide all kinds of raw materials at the same time, oneself also to obtain greater economic benefits, while stimulating the acquisition of waste plastics industry, making the waste material collection, supply can be guaranteed, forming a virtuous circle of auspicious situation.

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