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Open smelting machine common faults and solutions?

Mixing machine in production operation by vibration and other composite force, often appear bearing wear fault, the traditional methods of thermal spraying, welding, brush crosses, but there are some drawbacks: welding high temperature thermal stress can not be completely eliminated, causing material damage, causing parts of bending or fracture; and brush plating by coating thickness limit, easily, and more than two kinds of methods are used for metal repair metal, can not change the " hard on hard" relations of cooperation, in the comprehensive role, will cause wear again. Contemporary western countries to solve the above problem using polymer composite materials repair method, which is widely used in world blue technology system, which has strong adhesion, excellent comprehensive properties such as compressive strength, can be disassembled for machine processing. Both are welding thermal stress thickness effects, repair is not limited, at the same time products with metal materials do not have concessions, can absorb the shock and vibration device, to avoid the possible wear.

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