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China rubber machinery to promote the domestic tire industry development

Rubber machinery tire production in the important foundation for one of the conditions, in recent years, with the domestic tire industry's rapid development, China rubber machinery development is very rapid.

The consultant in chemical industry researcher Chang Yizhi points out, because the rubber machinery and the development of tire industry development synchronization, in tire industry pull rubber machinery rubber machinery development at the same time, also contributed to the development of tire industry development.

Because of the rapid development of domestic rubber machinery, past our country to build an annual output of 300000sets of all steel radial tire enterprise equipment required to invest up to 600000000yuan, and now only 200000000yuan; past our country on 1 new1000000 sets of semi steel radial tire production line equipment investment250000000 -3billion yuan, now only100000000 -1.2billion yuan.

Chang Yizhi thinks, rubber machinery development for tire enterprises save a lot of equipment investment, improve the domestic tire market competitiveness, is helpful for industry of our country tire quickly realize scale production.

The consultant research director Zhang Yanlin also points out, rubber machinery has been recognized as the best equipment industry of domestic industries, at present, most of the domestic tire machinery in the technical content, appearance, quality and use of performance has reached the international level, for China's tyre industry development provides support and guarantee.

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