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Mixing machine works

Mixer, two rotor relative rotation, will come from the feed inlet material clamped into the roll gap by rotor extrusion and cut through the roll gap, after hit top tied sharp edge is divided into two parts, respectively, along the front and rear wall between the rotor and the slot back to the roll gap. In wound rotor flow in a week, the material is subjected to shear and friction, so that the glue temperature rises sharply, viscosity reduction, increased in rubber compounding agent surface wetting, the rubber and compounding agent surface full contact. Combined with compound agglomerates together through the rotor and the rotor and rotor clearance, on top, tie, mixer chamber wall gap, subjected to shear and broken, the tensile deformation of the rubber surrounds, stable in broken state. At the same time, the rotor can make the rubber convex edges along the axial movement of the rotor, the mixing effect, make with the agent in the rubber mixing. With the agent so repeated shear fracture, compound repeatedly to generate deformation and recovery of deformation, the rotor convex edge continuous mixing, the complexing agent in the rubber is uniformly dispersed, and reached a certain degree of dispersion. As a result of Banbury, rubber by shearing action than open mill is much larger, compound temperature is high, the mixer mixing efficiency is substantially higher than the open smelting machine.

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