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China plastic machinery will accelerate the standardization process

China Plastic Machinery Industry Association and the national machine industry organization of committee of experts of the plastic injection molding machine consumption detection method seminar, on July 2-3 in Ningbo City Haitian park. The meeting affirmed adequately in recent years the industry in the development of energy-saving machine products, promote energy-saving technology and other aspects of the performance, the machine industry first about energy-saving products with respect to the standard DD" plastic injection molding machine energy detection method", emphasized the current research in making plastic machinery energy saving the importance of standards, and actively the implementation of standardized measures of energy saving.

China Plastic Machinery Industry Association, the national machine industry expert committee chairman Zhang Jingzhang emphasizes pointing out, energy-saving emission reduction, is the development trend in today's world, but also to deal with the challenges of the international financial crisis, promote the transformation of the industry upgrade important way. Enhancing the energy conservation technology, promote energy saving work, is a matter of injection machine manufacturers and plastic products enterprises to improve economic efficiency, realize the sustainable development of the urgent task. Therefore, the implementation of scientific outlook on development height, from the construction of resource saving and environment friendly society height, from accelerate revitalize Chinese plastic machinery industry height, a profound understanding of the work of energy-saving emission reduction strategic significance, profound understanding of promotion energy-saving technology, strengthen the importance of standards and norms, and strive to do a good job promotion energy-saving technology this old essay.

In fact, the plastic and Rubber Industry Machinery Manufacturers Association ( EUROMAP ) in the last 10month held annual meeting also stressed that, in the future market demand, to provide more energy efficient equipment is one of the advantages of its members. Therefore, EUROMAP has established a special committee of a few technologies for some type of machine, specifically to define energy efficiency evaluation of precise conditions, so as to establish the authority of the energy metric and description methods, establish this standard is designed to establish a standard of energy efficiency to identify energy consumption. EUROMAP believes that, after the financial crisis after the market once the recovery, who can save energy and raw material saving equipment technology will no doubt for the market in favor.

China Plastic Machinery Industry Association also in Tianjin holds with energy saving as the theme of the injection of annual meeting put forward formally to build energy-saving standard initiative.

Why China and EUROMAP almost invariably will set new standards of aim at energy saving standards? One vendor claims to not know what course to take home energy-saving targets, on the other hand, who is the first to develop energy consumption index, and as soon as the standard implementation, is available in the market to seize the initiative, to turn, to win market differentiation opportunities, and can be standardized as a basis for the establishment of the market access mechanism.

Injection machine safety standard to be implemented

In fact, along with the global economic integration process continued to accelerate, technical standard already became international economy, science and technology an important means of competition. With standardized instruments as the main content of the technical trade measures have become the barriers to international trade to a new form, therefore, establishing standard also become different countries and regions to improve the capability of independent innovation and core competitiveness of the important strategic goals. Not only the national government at all levels of the standardization work given hitherto unknown height to take seriously, all sectors of society standard attention increasingly strengthen. Among the various safety standards, is the root of market access of the most stringent standards.

" Rubber plastic injection moulding machines - Safety requirements" national mandatory standards, it is according to the industry needs and in accordance with the National Standardization Management Committee standards planning. Standard in product design, manufacturing and inspection and other aspects of security content made detailed provision, put forward strict requirements. Due to the use of a wide range of products, and belongs to the plastic processing program in higher risk for one of the models, the introduction of the standard implementation will greatly enhance China machine product safety performance, greatly reduce the safety accident rate.

In November 20, 2008, the National Standardization Management Committee approved the issuance of gb22530-2008" rubber plastic injection moulding machines - Safety requirements" national mandatory standards, and will be on November 1, 2009onwards enforcement. The standards are according to European standard en201:1997develop and become, on the rubber plastic injection molding machine mechanical, electrical, thermal and other multiple risk to the corresponding provisions on safety protection. The standard and Chinese actual jb/t7267-2004" plastic injection molding machine" standard specifies the safety requirements has greatly improved, therefore the existing domestic machine safety design are larger, needed in the circuit, hydraulic, sheet metal, and so on many aspects to make improvement structure.

Rubber machinery manufacturing should be strict implementation of GB

At present with the rubber plastic machinery manufacturing industry closely related standards, can be divided into:

Professional national standard or industry standard

China rubber plastics machinery standards are 15, such as the" rubber plastic machinery products - Method of type designation" standard," closed Lianjiao Lian presses"," rubber plastic calendering machine" and other products; rubber dedicated machinery57, such as the" rubber machinery noise sound pressure level determination" standard," tire vulcanizing machine"," standard" products such as flat vulcanizing machine; plastic machinery59, such as" plastic injection molding machine"," plastic crusher" etc.. Which was classified as a national standard in 9, and for the rest of the former Ministry of chemical industry standard ( rubber ) or mechanical standard ( Department of plastic machinery ).

Manufacturing related national standard or industry standard

According to different application areas, generally divided into 19categories: such as mechanical industry mandatory national standards, industrial machinery based application standard, sampling inspection, packaging, storage and transportation of electrical equipment, the standardization of enterprise management and the requirements of environmental protection standards.

The upper and lower materials or products with relevant national or industrial standards

Equipment and the production of products, basic parameters, performance indicators, process requirements must be identical. Manufacturing unit not only to understand the equipment itself technical standard, also should know or understand the production of products and technical content of standards. Rubber and plastic products, in the specifications, basic parameter, technical conditions and test methods have the corresponding technical standards, equipment manufacturing enterprises should be based on the product characteristics of the application, related products standard understanding, which emphasized the production test equipment business to manufacture product test method should fully understand.

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