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Mixer air operation test before what needs to be done to prepare?

1: mixer free running test must be based on solid rear can be completely dry.

2: check the mixer parts have no foreign body, each connecting piece and a fastener having no slack.

3: check the mixer of the lubricating oil pipeline, hydraulic pipeline connection is correct, the lubrication and hydraulic oil quantity is suitable or not, whether proper lubrication lubrication oil level, whether in place.

4: mixer ancillary equipment in the air before having to perform a separate test, to verify its performance meets the specified requirements.

5: check the mixer all electrical equipment and the hydraulic system and control system of the complexes are correct.

6: in the mixer is connected before the first coupling, the main motor idling20min, abnormal, and then coupling installed, and the protective cover is installed.

7: in the mixer main gearbox high-speed shaft end or at the coupling, artificial disc drive system, so that the rotor rotates at two weeks, confirmed no abnormal phenomenon.

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